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Podiatrist Sydney | Podiatry CBD Sydney
Podiatrist Sydney | Podiatry CBD Sydney

Kate McArthur

Kate McArthur

Growing up in New Zealand, Kate McArthur had been surrounded by sports from a very early age. Competing in many sports including equestrian, skiing, whitewater kayaking and rock climbing, along with training as a mountaineering guide prior to her studies.

After graduating Kate consulted with NZ Triathlon Organization, Smiths Sport Shoes Ltd, Asics, Adidas and New Balance.

Training in New Zealand provided Kate with opportunities to work with NZ Rugby, NZ Ironman, Tri NZ, NZ OXFAM, NZ Netball, NZ Diabetes and many other sporting teams which carried over to Australia.

Kate has now called Sydney home for over 10yrs.


Kate is a regular contributor to...

  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • Choice.com.au
  • Daily Mail
  • Mamamia
  • Cosmopolitan

She has also appeared on Channel 7’s Sunrise to discuss the “Dangers of PediCures” and has presented “footwear tips and tricks “ for Mr Minit Shoe Repairs.

Understandably Kate has a strong background in footwear and often found working closely with both Asics Australia and Athlete’s Foot here in Sydney.

Over her Career, Sterilisation of instruments has always been a big focus for Kate. Ensuring that all City Feet Clinics’ are equipped with the latest sterilisation processes ensuring that our ‘Medi-Cure’ treatments are of the highest standard. All of her staff are trained to follow a specific system and procedure in all appointments so treatments are carried out the same way and nothing is missed.

Biomechanics (BMX) changes every 2-3yrs with updated research on the rise, particularly due to foot injuries in the USA increasing in sports - luckily this increases the funding for great foot research - mostly conducted in Canada, USA and Europe. Australia is building its BMX research more and more - all of this Kate follows intently and translates the latest research into Podiatry BMX - giving the treatments provided at City Feet Clinic a high percentage of injury relief in the quickest amount of time.

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