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Biomechanical & Shoe Analysis

Biomechanical & Shoe Analysis


Typically podiatry research has fallen behind modern day biomechanical research. 

At City Feet Clinic, we’ve always stayed ahead of this by regularly researching the latest biomechanical studies and developments, whilst working side by side with leaders in Biomechanics, Biology and Biophysics. Thus giving us a better understanding from the foot up and the hip down.  

Our job is to then translate this into podiatry for you. 

Biomechanics is the science of movement of a living body, including how muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments work together to produce movement.

Biomechanics of the feet can result in changes to ankle, leg, knee, hip and lower back. The body has kinetic chains from the feet to the head and vice versa.

As you can imagine – having weakened or tight muscles, poor technique, excessive force to bone or soft tissue structures can cause pain if the tissue cannot tolerate the load – resulting in tears, inflammation, swelling, breaks, fractures etc.

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Shoe Analysis

Shoes are often bought and sold with no regard to function – you may purchase on the basis that the shoes 'look good' and buy from a sales person, who has very limited knowledge on the matter. This is particularly scary as they are a major part to our daily wardrobe.

We need to check what’s working well for the activity they are used for, even down to your work shoes.

Being a shoe specialist I can help with all shoes, sports, work, casual and even your favourite pair of high heels!

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