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Medical Pedicures

Medical Pedicures

Find yourself a bit embarrassed by your feet? Wondering how to get rid of thickened skin and your nails treated? Think you need a referral for a "Medical Pedicure"?

Think again... With a simple consultation we can get your feet back to "neutral" and ready for summer.

Medical pedicures are extremely popular with both men and women and can be used to treat anything from...

  • Thick skin and nails
  • Corns 
  • Fungal nails 
  • Damaged and or weakened nails 
  • Dry skin 
  • Warts; plantar warts; verrucae
  • Blisters 
  • Callous 
  • Tinea; athletes foot 
  • Splinters 
  • Ingrown toe nails
  • Yellow nails 
  • Cracked heels 

These are common problems and often caused by Running, Ballet, Rugby, Oztag, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Aussie Rules, Skiing, Surfing, Hiking & F45.

We also commonly look after patients with fungal nails after seeing a nail salon. 

To help minimise the risk of it returning we use "Ecrinal Nail Polish" - this reduces risk of cross contamination. At City Feet Clinic, we believe nail polishes used at Nail Salons are where fungus and bacteria florish the most. The Nail polish bottles and brushes used in salons are petri dishes especially the base coat, that brush touches everyone’s nails. 

ECRINAL is the #1 line for nail treatments in France and is now available at City Feet Clinic in 5 different colours along with Fortifying Nail Cream, Nail Repair Serum & Vitamin Nail Strengthener.

ECRINAL is a repair line for weak and damaged nails. It is 100% free from paraben, formaldehyde, acetone and toluene. 

Each day, your nails are subjected to a multitude of traumas - their resistance weakens, their growth rate slows and their beauty diminishes.  The ingredients protect against bacterial and fungal attacks, prevent the development of fungal infection and strengthen the nail and facilitate its growth.

88% of patients noted harder nails after trying ECRINAL, while 84% experienced improvements in nail growth and strength with nails being more resistant.

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