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Podiatrist Sydney | Podiatry CBD Sydney
Podiatrist Sydney | Podiatry CBD Sydney

Doc Sols 3D printed fully customised orthotics

Written by City Feet Clinic Thursday, 02 February 2023 14:54

What are they?

Doc Sols are a 3D printed, lattice structured orthotic. The lattice effect works in a similar way to bone which can help to provide an extra source of support to your foot handle the stress from being on your feet.

This can be especially helpful for very active people.

How are they designed?

Doc Sols are created using a series of  biomechanical measurements which helps your podiatrist to assess and design your Doc Sols prescription.

Specific movements such as a squat and walking in front of a camera are recorded and a set of complex algorithms inbuilt in the Doc Sole scanning process will help your podiatrist create a fully customised prescription for your feet.

This prescription once confirmed by your podiatrist is then 3D printed.

Are they produced in a sustainable way?

Yes they are.

Doc Sold uses additive manufacturing technology which produces 10% less waste than more traditional style of orthotic manufacture.

They also have onsite solar energy installation which exceeds the daily usage of the manufacturer.

Finally the packaging is recycled cardboard which significantly reduces plastic waste.

How to arrange a Doc Sols booking in Sydney CBD…

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