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Podiatrist Sydney | Podiatry CBD Sydney
Podiatrist Sydney | Podiatry CBD Sydney


Written by Kate McArthur Tuesday, 30 October 2018 11:31

high heel hacks

It’s the day after your big day and whilst we can’t help you with that Hangover… (Personally, we recommend making a Bloody Mary, finding your nearest couch, ordering Uber Eats & settling in for a serious Netflix session) – We can help you with how your feet might be feeling.

How did your day end up? If you followed our “Pre-Event High Heel Hacks” you should have avoided most issues but did it get to a point where you had to take your shoes off and couldn’t get them back on again? Did you carry them home with you?

If it’s one of those mornings these six tips will help.

1 - Epsom Salt Bath.
Grab some Epsom salt from your nearest chemist or supermarket and give your feet a relaxing bath - This will help reduce swelling and soothe those sore feet.

2 - Golf Ball Massage.
Using a golf ball or something similar, Massage the bottom of your feet for a few minutes twice a day to increase blood flow to those aches and pains.

3 - Do. Not. Pop. Blisters!
We can’t stress this enough! Apply Compeed style Band Aid’s instead and protect it as much as possible.

4 - Magnesium Spray.
Spray this magical liquid to the bottom of your feet and if you have any take Magnesium tablets. This helps to relax muscles of all kinds and will have you back on the Dancefloor in no time.

5 - Compression Socks.

Sounds weird but compression stockings help. They help with swollen feet and ankles and providing a good giggle when you open the door for your Uber Eats delivery.

6 - Massage.
Call in those favours your roommate or significant other owes you and treat yourself to a lower leg massage - its all about blood flow and getting that circulation going.

For anything serious or to book in to see us for a Medi-Cure treatment, bookings are now available online

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