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Podiatrist Sydney | Podiatry CBD Sydney
Podiatrist Sydney | Podiatry CBD Sydney

Solving "Rough & Dry" feet...

Written by Kate McArthur Tuesday, 12 February 2019 15:20

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Are your feet feeling a little rough?

Let's look into why this is happening & how you can fix it.

To begin with, Callous build up is an accumulation of hard skin generally found on the weight bearing surfaces of the bottom of the foot. It’s most commonly caused by genetics, footwear choices and activity; typically the areas that take the most pressure have the highest buildup.

A medical pedicure is the fastest way to relieve callous build up, but if you haven’t had the chance to visit either of our clinics there are some home treatments we can recommend.

1 - The most simple treatment - regularly moisturise feet - This helps to keep skin supple and not dry up and harden. (Urea based moisturiser is best).

2 - Try to limit wearing tight shoes to reduce pressure on those toes and heels - hard leather and patent leather shoes can be a big cause of this.

3 - Filing your feet with a pumice stone or foot file after a shower on callous spots.

4 - Sometimes spot treating with pawpaw cream right before you put on footwear may reduce pressure points.

5 - If you have dry flaky feet and callouses - try using an oil (bio-oil or jojoba). This may cause your feet to be a little bit slippery so we recommend doing this at night and put on socks right away.

6 - If you're finding callouses on your toes have your shoes stretched out in those areas. A few millimetres can make all the difference.


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